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* Texas Time Artist Services takes pride in all professional services that we offer, with a focus on working closely with our client(s) towards common goals. If you would like to inquire about any services and rates, send us an email

* Artist Development - Artist development really encompasses everything that needs to happen to make sure that an artist or band is successful and gains attention. It includes such items as publicity, creative marketing, booking, web development, radio promotion, live performance aspects, material selection, recording/production aspects, sound career advice, product development and more. Every band or artist is unique and requires different customized plans, consultation and development.

* Booking Services - Over the years, we've networked and built up relationships with talent buyers, club contacts, other booking services, and many individuals throughout the Texas music scene. We've assisted various bands and/or singer-songwriters with booking additional shows. We've booked talent at festivals, night-clubs, and private events. We're selective of projects that we work with in this capacity, and charge a typical 10 - 20% booking fee.

* Website Design - Texas Time Artist Services work closely with our design team from Wonderland Studios, CoyoteMusic, Amplify Texas - digital marketing / web services and other select organizations to offers bands/artists and related businesses, website development and site maintenance including custom graphic design, various programming aspects, online marketing and multimedia design. Some sites developed by Wonderland Studios, CoyoteMusic or Amplify Texas, include * Texas Time Artist Services, * Wonderland Studios, * Amplify Texas, * CoyoteMusic * Texas Evolution * Accidental Confessions and a number of band/artist sites.

* Recording Services - Our business partners (see Wonderland Studios) have recorded projects with hundreds of artists/bands, worked closely on projects with freelance engineers/producers and various mastering engineers, and been involved with audio production for video/media projects aired on the Austin music network and ME Television, and with production of radio ads. We usually deliver masters on CD (16-bit), DAT (24-bit), DVD, or directly upload audio projects to the clients specified FTP address. On some occasions, files have been provided on firewire drives.

* Production Services - We've taken on the role of producer with many projects we've recorded. In this capacity, we become extremely involved with every aspect of the project. A producer can help you get from having an idea in your head, to getting a finished quality product in your hand. Planning and overseeing different aspects of the production all along the way, producers can assist you with budgets, schedules, studio time and rates, hiring musicians or playing many instruments on the tracks, co-writing, arranging and pre-production all the way through recording, mixing and mastering the final product. Producers help facilitate efficiency and guidance throughout the recording process. Please see Wonderland Studios' Team Members link for further information.

* Musician Services - Do you need to find musicians for your band? Have a live show or tour coming up? Need musicians for your tracks in the studio? Do you need someone to play guitar (acoustic, electric, slide), drums, bass, organ, percussion, sing background vocals? What about programming drums or special effects or adding some piano, keyboards or strings to your song? Basically, whatever additional musicianship is needed for a project, we've got you covered. We have a lot of contacts throughout the Austin music scene, and we're also musicians, and in many cases we can find the right performer for the job. Each musician usually charges a little bit different rate. Many of our studio musician friends will cut their typical rates (special deals) for working with us on another project.

* Critiques - Need advice, direction or motivation for your project? Our business partners at CoyoteMusic write detailed critiques of recordings, performances and promotional materials. This detailed and unbiased feedback is private, sent directly to the artist and not ever posted online. One band described their club performance critique as "the most insightful piece of anything about us or our music that [we've] heard...we needed to hear it."

* Reviews - Want media coverage or quotes for your press kit? Our business partners at CoyoteMusic review full-length albums, EPs, demos and live performances. New reviews are posted each month and include a track listing, the artist's hometown and a link to the artist's website.

* Press Kit Services - Consultation, design and implementation of professional press kits and/or EPK (Electronic Press Kits). Without effective, attractive and concise press kits, your music has a much better chance of being heard by the trash can than industry contacts. The press kit is the first and often last impression that a potential club owner, radio program director, magazine editor, label executive or CD reviewer gets of a given artist/band. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

* Artist Showcases - Artist Showcases give performers a new stage, fans a hint of tomorrow's popular music and industry representatives their first chance to hear the "next big thing." To date, selected artists have spanned Alternative, Rock, Pop, Blues, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic/Dance, New Age and Folk genres and have come from across the country to take advantage of this opportunity. Each showcase is promoted to music industry professionals in virtually every facet of the business. Events are scheduled at a venue that are a good showcase venue for the artist, the artist's sound, style and potential audience. Past showcases have been held at Ruta Maya, The Saxon Pub, The Bitter End, Arlene's Grocery, LeBarBat and The Baggot Inn.

* Band/Artist Photography Services, Music Video Services - Every artist/band or website usually need some fantastic promotional photo's. Make your project stand-out from the others with some great creative shots. We offer professional photography services and photoshop services to enhance images. We can provide location photography to capture great live shots, or creative promotional pictures at various locations around Central Texas. Previous clients have included bands/artists, wedding event planners and businesses. We have also shot/edited, directed music videos and promotional videos for artists with the help of Wonderland Studios lead videographer, Chris Mendez. Here's a link to a music video we shot for Cody Tucker - Bar Room Time.

* Guitar / Bass / Drum Lessons, or Audio Engineering/Production Lessons - Our partners at Wonderland Studios, and CoyoteMusic started offering these service a few years back. Lessons are taught at the studio. Guitar, Bass or Drum lessons are $25/hr, and we'll work with any level of student. Engineering/Production lessons are taught with the hands-on approach, so the student can learn in a real studio environment, physically touching the recording console, gear and computers and learning as we work through projects. These lessons also start at $25/hr.

Be realistic, you're not going to be a huge star tomorrow, but work every day towards your goals, get a step closer to where you want to be!
-- Eric McKinney, Texas Time Artist Services, Wonderland Studios, Texas Time Records