Booking -- Texas Time Artist Services

Texas Time Artist Services takes pride in bringing Bands/Artists and Talent Buyers together and negotiating contracts and terms that are in the best interest of both parties. The owners of TTAS have worked with various clients throughout the industry, such as bands/artists, clubs, venues, festivals, private events and corporations. We work closely with bands/artists to ensure professional entertainment and performances, and to assist with proper placement within venues/events, and we also provide recommendations of talent to buyers (venues/events/festivals). Furthermore, for talent buyers, our expertise in booking entertainment can be a valuable tool when looking to secure talent for your event.

Over the years, we've networked and built up relationships with many talent buyers, various club contacts, other booking services and key individuals throughout the Texas music scene. We've assisted select bands/artists with booking additional shows or tours. We've booked talent at festivals, night-clubs, and private events. We're selective of projects that we work with in this capacity, and charge a typical 10 - 20% booking fee, depending on the project and the scope of work.

We ensure quality from working with professionals, whether it's the musicians we choose to work with, or the talent buyers, venues and event coordinators.
-- Eric McKinney, Texas Time Artist Services, Wonderland Studios, Texas Time Records