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* Texas Time Artist Services is currently accepting submissions from talented bands/artists. A press release (.pdf) was released about this opportunity.

* Texas Time Artist Services partner Eric McKinney assisted with all audio elements for developing a Sight Singing App and DVD. Eric and UBetterSing founder Kelley Glover worked closely together to produce all the audio (music and voice-over elements with various voice actors and choirs). You can find that app and DVD at

* Texas Time Artist Services partner Eric McKinney has been working with several educational companies creating children's music and voice-over for audiobooks. Here's a link to one of those songs provided to a client - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

* In 2016, leading-up to the release of George Strait's - Strait Out Of The Box, Part 2, and in anticipation of his return to Gruene Hall, his team had asked a number of Texas country artists to cover specific songs. Here's a version of Fool Hearted Memory performed by Mark McKinney, his wife Cassie, and TTAS partner Eric McKinney. Artists that covered songs were given guest list spots to the show. And what a great show it was!

Here's a link to the Texas Music Scene - Songwriter Series (TV Series) in which Mark McKinney discusses the albums "World In Between" and "Standing My Ground" which were both recorded at Wonderland Studios, ATX, and co-produced by Mark and Eric McKinney. The series intro features Jack Ingram introducing Mark McKinney.

* In 2013 Mark McKinney, an artist we've obviously worked with a lot over the years, released his album Standing My Ground (a Texas Evolution release), co-produced by Mark and Eric McKinney. Right out of the gate, the album gained a lot of momentum and attention as the first single She Ain't Leavin (duet featuring Bri Bagwell) hit number 1 on the Texas Music Chart and Texas Regional Radio Report. The album ended up scoring two number one's (and six top 10's) on the Texas Music Chart and Texas Regional Radio Report and extensive radio play throughout the southwest region of the U.S. The extensive radio play and success of the song Stolen Cash caught the attention of Conquer Entertainment which then partnered with Mark for additional promotional efforts and has gained him some more national attention. McKinney also gained national recognition by having several songs licensed and used by ESPN and NASCAR, also performed the national anthem at Reliant Stadium for the Texas Bowl game, and has had videos played on CMT and GAC.

* Wiley Koepp and Miriam McKinney were two of many folks instrumental in leading efforts to raise awareness for saving an Austin landmark venue, the Cactus Cafe. In January 2010 Wiley founded the Save the Cactus Cafe facebook fanpage and he's been a board member of the non-profit Friends of the Cactus Cafe organization. Miriam was the Artist and Venue Relations coordinator for the Save the Cactus Cafe volunteer group. The organization had over 24,000 supporters and raised over $15,000 to assist in funding the campaign and efforts. For more info, visit A great book called Cactus Burning eventually came out by author Michael F. Scully about the Cactus Cafe, this movement to Save The Cactus and the many characters involved in that process. Austin Monthly in June 2014 said, "Austinites aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in. And nothing exemplifies our activist sensibility more than the mission to save the Cactus Cafe. The new book, Cactus Burning... is an insider's look at what went down... which examines the fight from all sides."

* Producer/Engineer Eric McKinney and Wonderland Studios was featured in Vocals Magazine (April 2009 issue) as the centerfold picture and article. That feature can be viewed online here (.pdf version)

* Here's a link for a great Music Biz Article about the importance of artist development. We hope all upcoming bands/artists will read it. Knowledge is key to artistic growth and moving your music career forward.

* TTAS partner, Eric McKinney, was published by Music Biz Acadamy with an article about: The Many Roles of a Successful Project Studio Owner (and how to become an in-demand local producer). In addition, we recently got word that the article was also published in Pro Audio Articles of Studio Auditions.

* Wonderland Studios got a national mention in the "Southwest Studio News" section of Mix Magazine regarding a few of our projects. You can certainly check it out at Mix Magazine.

* Wonderland Studios was awarded a spotlight feature in the Texas Music Industry Directory of Recording/Rehearsal Studios (winter 2008 issue) in Texas Music Magazine.

* TTAS partner, Tim "The Tank" Casterline, previously toured the country with Index Entertainment/I Scream Records artist M.O.D.

* Our business partners at Coyote Music revamped their website with an infrastructure that allows for a more user-friendly and dynamic site.

* A bit back, we got an update about a record that was charting in which TTAS partner Eric McKinney was involved with engineering/production aspects. Eric assisted Colin Gilmore with his EP - Black Wine, along with producer Scott Mathews, and staff from Screen Door Music. In January 2008, Black Wine, a Woobietown Music release, was sitting at chart position 130 on the Texas Roots/Americana Chart, according to the Roots Music Report

* Here's a link to some great information (.pdf file) that we were forwarded about contracts and how they don't necessarily have to be burdensomely complex or a fearful thing for aspiring artists/bands. This is another helpful article that we really hope all upcoming bands/artists will review.

* Email Inquires -- We've had a number of inquisitions asking such questions as "what exactly is artist development?"

Artist development encompasses a lot of different areas and is a combination of many creative and business aspects of a band/artists' career. It is usually a continuous, nurturing undertaking and commitment to the long-term success of a band or individual artist. Artist development can include product development, recording/production and promotional aspects, career advice and many other items. Great artist development often strives to assist with building a healthy career and foster and maintain a dedicated fanbase for the band/artist. The objective is to help bands/artists reach as many people as possible, often using the limited budgets available, to assist with putting together effective marketing and publicity campaigns among many other things.

Artist development really encompasses everything that needs to happen to make sure that an artist or band is successful and gains attention. It includes publicity, creative marketing, web development, booking, radio promotion, live performance aspects, material selection, recording/production aspects, sound career advice, product development and more. There is an incredible amount of music out there and the music industry is a highly competitive business, and can also be a business of "who you know." Artist development assists with so many aspects of a band/artists' career and helps identify anything that may hold the artist back, working to eliminate those obstacles and move bands/artists' careers forward.

The best way to get nowhere, is to do nothing!
-- Eric McKinney, Texas Time Artist Services, Wonderland Studios, Texas Time Records