Submission Policy -- Texas Time Artist Services

Texas Time Artist Services prefers to initially be contacted via email regarding any submissions from bands/artists interested in inquiring about services.

Please provide -

* information about your project -

* what services you're inquiring about -

* provide a link to some music or information about the band/artist online -

* and you can attach to your email any promotional materials that you think we may be interested in seeing.

Please be patient. Due to the amount of material that we receive, our busy schedules, time-lines and time constraints, it may take us some time to review your submission. If we're interested in finding out more about the project, we will get in touch.

Contact Info:


Phone: (512) 587-5823

From time to time, we've also taken submissions online via an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) through Sonicbids listing/opportunities. We may list another submission opportunity with them in the future.


Working with bands/artists, you've got to be able to judge when to push people... and when to just kind of let them take their time to develop...
-- Miriam McKinney, Texas Time Artist Services, Wonderland Studios